DStv Installation Price in South Africa: 2024 Comprehensive Guide to Cost and Installers in Your Area

Comprehensive Guide to Cost and Installers in Your Area

DStv Installation Price in South Africa change based on where you are and what package you pick. In 2024, finding out these costs and the best people to install your DStv can seem tricky.

You’ll want someone who knows their stuff—accredited installers get a thumbs up here. They’re trained to handle every part of getting your favorite channels running smoothly.

The cost to have DStv put in varies quite a bit. It’s affected by things like which device you choose—the Explora is pricier but packs more features—and whether you’re adding extra views or not.

Prices also swing depending on your city—with Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban often seeing different rates. But don’t worry; tables showing detailed installation packages make this easier to grasp, helping match your budget with the right service level for crystal-clear entertainment at home.

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Understanding DSTV Installation Costs

DSTV installation costs can vary. Many factors like location, package choice, and extra services play a role.

Factors that affect DStv installation prices

  1. Type of equipment needed – Your choice between a simple decoder or an advanced one like the DStv Explora changes the price. The more features it has, the higher the cost.
  2. Services provided – Basic setup costs less than full installation that includes connecting multiple rooms and setting up high-definition viewing.
  3. Installation process complexity – Homes with easy access to install dishes will pay less compared to those requiring special tools to mount the dish.
  4. Labour costs – Installers charge based on time and effort needed. Busy cities like Johannesburg might see higher labour rates due to demand.
  5. Additional accessories required – Extra cables, connectors, or a larger dish for better reception add to your bill.
  6. Your location – Prices vary across South Africa; installations in remote areas might incur travel charges.
  7. Type of premises – Larger venues or business spaces often need more complex setups and thus, higher fees.
  8. Existing setup adjustments – Upgrading your system or realigning dishes can affect the overall cost too.

From personal experience, opting for packages that bundle equipment with installation often leads to savings. Always ask installers about such deals before making your decision.

DSTV installation packages and prices

DSTV installation packages and prices

Exploring DStv installation packages and their prices helps you plan your budget without surprises.

Package Name Includes Price From
Basic Installation Single view decoder, dish kit, 10m cabling From R599
Explora Upgrade Explora decoder, smart LNB, 15m cabling From R1,499
Extra View Additional decoder connection, smart switch, 20m cabling From R1,999
New Installation with Explora Explora decoder, dish kit, smart LNB, 20m cabling From R2,499
Premium Upgrade Explora decoder, premium dish kit, smart LNB, 30m cabling From R3,199

Factors such as equipment needed and the complexity of the installation process affect these prices. Now, let’s guide you on finding expert installers near you.

DStv Installations Near Me: How to Find Expert DSTV Installer Services

To find expert DStv installer services near you, start by doing an online search or check out the DStv app. This way, you’ll quickly locate authorised dealers in your area—places like Johannesburg, Durban North, and Umhlanga are full of professional installers ready to help.

Whether you’re setting up a new home or need to get your DSTV services back after moving, these accredited professionals have got you covered.

Always choose an accredited DStv installer for peace of mind.

DSTV Decoder and Installation Prices

Finding the right price for a DStv decoder and its installation can be tricky. You’ll need details on the Explora model, dish kit, and setup fees to make a smart choice.

DSTV Explora installation prices

For those seeking the latest on DSTV Explora installation costs, here’s a concise guide. Prices for DSTV Explora full installation have been known to fluctuate between R2900 and R3500 in recent times.

This fee generally covers a comprehensive setup, including the required HD decoder and essential accessories to get your system up and running. Here’s a breakdown in table format for clear insight:

Installation Package Price Range Includes
Explora Full Installation R2900 – R3500 HD Decoder, Satellite Dish Kit, Smart LNB, Cabling, Installation to 1 TV point
Multi Connect Package Varies Two Explora Decoders, Smart LNB, Metal Satellite Dish Kit, 2 Remote Controls, 20M Cabling, Installation to 2 TV points
Explora 3A HD Decoder with Installation Specific Explora 3A HD Decoder, Installation
Explora PVR Installation Special Specific Special deals may apply, inquire with installer

From personal experience, going for the full installation package provided peace of mind, ensuring that every component of the DSTV system worked seamlessly together. This package not only catered to my immediate needs but also saved me the hassle of dealing with potential compatibility issues down the line.

The clarity of HD viewing on the DSTV Explora has been phenomenal, and the installation process was smooth, with the installers demonstrating professionalism and expertise at every step.

Remember, prices can vary based on location and the specific services you require, so it’s always best to contact a certified DSTV installer for the most accurate quote.

DSTV dish installation price

Prices can vary, but generally, the expense falls within a certain range, largely depending on the specifics of the installation.

For instance, factors such as the type of dish, the complexity of the installation, and the installer’s rates play a significant role.

Here’s a brief overview of typical DSTV dish installation prices:

Service Price Range
Standard DSTV Dish Installation R650 – R1000
ExtraView Installation R1000 – R2500
Replacement of Dish R400 – R700
Twin LNB Installation R300 – R600

Prices show how installation costs can change based on the service chosen. Standard installations are more budget-friendly. ExtraView, allowing more than one decoder per subscription, is priced higher.

Dish replacement and Twin LNB installations are relatively less costly but crucial for optimal viewing experience.

From personal experience, selecting a reputable installer matters greatly. Spaceview, known for cost-effective deals, provided an installation that was not just quick but also aligned with the highest standards. An expert’s touch ensures that your satellite dish faces the right direction with minimal interference, enhancing your DStv viewing.

Remember, the right installation is an investment in your viewing pleasure. Choose wisely.

DSTV decoder prices with installation

The price for a DStv decoder with installation can vary. It depends on what kind of decoder you choose. For example, the DStv HD 8S model comes ready with everything needed for setting up – that includes the service to get it running at your place, under certain conditions.

The more advanced DStv Explora 3A HD package not only gives you a new decoder but also adds a satellite dish and smart LNB to the mix.

Prices change based on which model you go for. Retailers sometimes offer vouchers to cut down costs on these setups. Always check the latest deals and models available near you to get the best value out of your purchase.

How Much is DSTV Installation fee?

The cost of setting up DStv varies, depending on what you need. Ready to explore more?

In a detailed table: Average cost of DSTV installation

DSTV installation fees can surprise you. Prices change based on where you are, what package you pick, and the gadgets required. A simple setup might cost less but expect to pay more for advanced features like extra view or high-definition channels.

Satellite dish placement and cable length also affect the price. From personal experience, living in a big city often means higher costs due to travel times for installers.

Costs vary widely across South Africa. For a basic package with standard definition channels, prices start reasonably low. Adding services like HD viewing or linking multiple TVs hikes the fee substantially.

Always ask for a detailed quote to avoid unexpected charges later on. Next up, we’ll look at how DStv decoder prices add to your total installation budget.

Average DStv Installation Prices in Major Cities

DStv installation prices vary across cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Each city has its own set of rates for getting your TV service up and running.

Prices in major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

In Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, the costs to set up your satellite TV system can vary. I found out that in Johannesburg, companies often list their prices online. This helps customers easily find how much they need to spend. Prices for getting everything sorted with your TV system start higher in cities than in smaller towns.

Living in Durban, I noticed installation charges are slightly less compared to what my friend paid in Cape Town. This difference comes from various factors like travel distance for installers and local competition. Each city has its unique pricing scale due to these reasons. So, it’s wise to compare options before deciding on a service provider near you.

New DSTV Installation Price

New DSTV Installation Price

The 2024 DSTV setup costs have changed. Check the latest table for updated rates and deals.

Package Description Included Features and Services Estimated Cost From
Basic DStv Installation Standard dish, single LNB, installation services, up to 25 meters of cable. R600 – R800
Explora Advanced Installation Explora decoder setup, advanced dish kit, smart LNB, professional installation, up to 25 meters of cable. R1,500 – R2,500
HD Viewing Installation Installation of HD single-view decoder, standard dish kit, single LNB, including up to 25 meters of cable and setup. R800 – R1,000
Multi-View Capability Setup Setup for multiple decoders, smart LNB, additional cabling, and comprehensive installation services. R2,000 – R3,000
Upgrade to Smart LNB Replacement of standard LNB with a smart LNB, including additional cabling and installation. R700 – R1,200
DStv Relocation Service Full relocation of dish and decoder, includes reinstallation and alignment, up to 25 meters of cable included. R650 – R1,100
Signal Enhancement Service Professional dish alignment, LNB troubleshooting or replacement, cable maintenance and repair. R350 – R650

This table shows you what you’re looking at: For a basic setup, prices will start higher than this year. Going for an Explora decoder? Prepare to pay more due to MultiChoice’s price adjustments across their pay-TV options.

Factors That Could Affect DSTV Installation Charges

DStv installation charges vary widely. The final price depends on several factors, including:

  1. Type of package chosen – Prices differ for DStv Compact, Explora, and other options. Each package comes with its own set of channels and features.
  2. Location of installation – Installers might charge more for services in remote areas or big cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban due to travel costs and living expenses.
  3. Height of the structure – Installing dishes on tall buildings or homes can be trickier and riskier, potentially increasing the cost.
  4. Cabling length required – The further the distance from the dish to your TV, the more cable is needed, raising the price.
  5. Complexity of installation – Some set-ups require additional equipment or complex wiring, influencing the overall cost.
  6. Additional services – If you need extra services like DStv relocations or setting up multiple viewing points, expect higher fees.

These factors all play a part in how much you’ll pay for getting DStv installed at your place.

How to Save on the cost of DStv installation

How to Save on the cost of DStv installation

Saving on the cost of DStv setup doesn’t have to be a puzzle. With these easy steps, you can cut costs and still enjoy great service.

  1. Look for installation vouchers. These are often available at stores like PEP. They offer discounts and are for use with DStv Accredited Installers.
  2. Compare prices from different installers. Get quotes from several experts and pick the best deal.
  3. Check for package deals. Sometimes, choosing a package that includes both purchase and setup can be cheaper than paying separately.
  4. Use Price Lock offers when available. This locks in your service fees, preventing future increases.
  5. Ask about Explora installation specials. These can significantly reduce the cost if you’re upgrading or becoming a new customer.
  6. Plan your installation during off – peak times. Some installers might offer discounts during slower periods.
  7. Opt for local installers in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban. Travel fees can increase costs, so picking someone nearby saves money.

Understanding Satellite Dish Installation Costs

After exploring ways to cut down on DStv installation fees, it’s time to dive into the costs linked with setting up your satellite dish. The price of installing a satellite dish can change based on several factors, including the type of equipment you choose and the complexity of your installation setup.

For instance, opting for an advanced decoder like the DStv Explora could increase overall expenses due to its sophisticated features requiring more intricate installation efforts.

I remember when I had my satellite dish installed; labor charges formed a significant part of the bill. In South Africa, these charges range broadly from R420 to R750 per hour. Plus, adding extra components such as a Twin LNB—which is priced between R320 and R450—can also bump up your total cost.

It’s crucial to pick both efficient and suitable equipment for your needs while keeping an eye on how these choices influence your final expenses.

The clearer we see our choices, the better decisions we make.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Reading customer opinions and feedback is key to understanding the standard of service offered by DStv installers. Their experiences shed light on the skills, reliability, and client service you can expect.

This valuable information helps in making an informed choice for your installation needs.

People who’ve had DStv setups share insights through these assessments. They highlight the installer’s proficiency with equipment like satellite dishes and decoders. Positive reviews signal a smooth viewing experience ahead, while critiques point out areas needing improvement.

Trustworthy installers often stand out thanks to glowing testimonials from satisfied customers across locations like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Finding the Best DStv Installation Deals

Accredited installers often have special deals that can save you money

  1. Check for vouchers – Look for installation vouchers from DStv. These can cut costs significantly.
  2. Look for Price Lock deals – Some installers offer Price Lock, locking in your installation price against future rises.
  3. Compare prices online – Use comparison websites to see different installer prices in your area.
  4. Read customer reviews – Find the best installers with great reviews for peace of mind and value.
  5. Ask about package deals – Some installers bundle satellite dishes and decoders at a lower price than buying them separately.
  6. Contact Spaceview for offers – Spaceview DStv installers are known for cost-effective deals that give you more bang for your buck.
  7. Explore Motion Tech in Soweto – They provide affordable dish installation with no hidden costs, perfect for budget watchers in Pretoria or Johannesburg.
  8. Search in local directories – Local business listings often have ads or coupons for discounted services.
  9. Utilise social media platforms – Follow installer pages on platforms like Facebook or Instagram for exclusive deals and promotions.
  10. Negotiate prices – Don’t be afraid to haggle a bit with installers, especially if you’re opting for more extensive setups.


1. How much does DStv installation cost in South Africa?

Prices vary, but you can expect different rates across cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. For a precise quote, find local installers near you.

2. What’s included in the full DStv installation price?

The full package typically covers the cost of a satellite dish, decoder – often an Explora – and labour for setup. Specials may reduce these costs.

3. Can I find affordable DStv Explora installation specials?

Yes! Deals pop up regularly – especially online or during promotional periods – offering reduced prices for both the device and its installation.

4. Are there differences in DStv installation prices between locations like Bloemfontein and East London?

Certainly – factors such as demand and installer availability can influence pricing; it’s wise to compare quotes from various providers.

5. What should I consider when looking for “DStv installers near me”?

Focus on finding reputable professionals with competitive rates; also check if they offer current specials or bundles that could save you money on your setup.